Sunday, September 30, 2007

Home Pizza Oven in West Virginia

Sunday Gazette-Mail - Home & Style

Here's an article, with pictures, of a couple in West Virgina who put a wood burning oven in their outdoor kitchen.

Their technique, shown in the photo to the left, is a bit curious. You see how the fire and coals have been left all around the oven diameter, except for the opening? Most people I've seen and learned from keep the fire in the back or off to just one side (I keep mine to the right). The pizza looks like it isn't even fully inside the oven. When the fire is off to one side, you do have to turn the pizza to ensure even browning, maybe they are trying to avoid that? I don't know, it just doesn't look right to me. But, their kids and the neighbors love it. They've made up to 30 pizzas in one evening.

We could quibble about technique, but if people like the results, that's what matters.

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