Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oven is on the Hearth

Progress has been a little slow, but it's coming along. Sorry for the dark photos, but I was out of town (and left again), so couldn't get daytime shots.

The insulation layer (SuperIsol) is in place, glued to the concrete hearth with refractory caulk. The oven floor was set in place on top of a sand layer, which was used to help level the four floor pieces. The dome was set on top (a 600 pound lift). The front piece of the floor is a bit high because the installers need to remove a metal bar that goes across the lower front entry of the oven (added for stability during shipping and movement, no doubt.

The oven is tarped over because the insulating material is pretty water absorbent, so we need to keep that's dry (it's not raining, but just in case).

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