Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Progress Today, Done Tomorrow?

More progress today on the stone work. You can see the progress here and how it was being framed up around the pizza oven. This is a view from behind and to the side.

More progress with the stone being built up around the wood framing.

From the other side, you can see the counter tops that were put in place, for the sides of the oven opening.

For context, the view again from the front. One issue we had today was trouble finding Vermiculite insulation that was to be poured in on top of the blanket-insulated oven dome. Vermiculite isn't being carried by the supply stores in our area due to some concerns about breathing problems that can be caused by the material. So, instead, we used Perlite, a very similar material (as discussed on the very helpful Forno Bravo message board).

The team still needs to finish the stone work around the oven front and chimney. They are also going to brick around the inside surface of the wood storage (the opening underneath the oven dome). The stone enclosure top will be capped off with a flagstone piece.

They should be done tomorrow and I'll get to do my test firing Thursday night (a very small fire to start the oven curing process). I'm glad this day is almost here!

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