Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pizzas August 18

Fired up the oven again yesterday, all basic white flour crusts (Caputo).
  • Basic Margheritas
  • Tomato Sauce, salami, onion, mozz
  • Hatch chile, sausage, cheddar, hatch pepper jack cheese
  • Tomato sauce, salami, gouda
  • Bianoverde style, with olive oil, parmesan, white onion (instead of red), and pistachios (oh, and arugula, put on after the oven)
The Hatch chiles are in season, so we got a bit experimental -- the "hatch pizza" really was a hit and turned out great. The sausage had hatch chile in it too!

Full picture link via picasa:

Picasa Web Albums - Mark - Pizza Aug 18

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