Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lombardi's - Manhattan

Our 2nd stop on our NYC pizza tour was the famous Lombardi's on Spring Street in Manhattan, the birthplace of pizza in America. They started making pizza in 1905.

A plaque outside the restaurant.

Here is our pizza with ricotta, chopped basil, and pancetta. We like the crust better than Grimaldi's, but just slightly, having a great snap to it. The tomato sauce was about the same (great fresh flavor) as Grimaldi's, but the mozzarella wasn't quite as good (of course it might have been overpowered by the slight sweetness of the ricotta). The pancetta had good flavor, but we prefer a slightly crispy pancetta on pizza.

Here is the bottom of the crust. The atmosphere in Lombardi''s was great, the restaurant seems like a bunch of little rooms (probably the result of expansion over time), so even though it's a fairly large place, it's fairly intimate. On our way to being seated, we were able to walk right through the kitchen, getting a glance at their coal-fired oven. Unlike the Johnny Cash that was playing at Grimaldi's, Lombardi's had the Sirus Frank Sinatra station playing, which created the perfect mood.
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Anonymous said...

I didn't see this until recently - I was looking for a review of Naples45. A couple of the other great places for pizza here in nyc : luzzos - it's in the teens and 2nd/3rd - outstandingly good neapolitan style - it's also close to un pizza neoapolitana but better. The other place worth going to is Totonnos in coney island - coal fired but so so good. Plenty of places for your next trip -

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