Monday, January 14, 2008

My NYC Pizza Tour is Set

So our plan is set for Friday's self-guided tour. So many pizzerias in New York, he had to just choose some and quit debating which ones.

Stop 1: Grimaldi's in Brooklyn:

Grimaldi's will be our first stop, trying to get there right when they open for lunch to avoid lines. They have a very classic coal oven that I'm very excited to see, very excited to try their pizza after seeing them featured on TV and reading so much about them.

Stop 2: Lombardi's

We'll come back to Manhattan to the oldest pizzeria in the country, Lombardi's. It's another coal oven pizzeria, lots of tradition and great reviews.

Stop 3: Ray's (the one on Prince Street)

NYC is famous for all of the different "Famous Ray's" and "Original Ray's." Every pizza place is called Ray's, it seems, or even "Not Ray's." This one on Prince Street is supposedly the real original and the best, classic NYC pizza.

Stop 4: Waldy's Pizza

At this point, we might just go look at the wood-burning oven they have here at Waldy's. We might not be able to eat any more after the previous three stops, we'll try to pace ourselves!

I'll give notes and photos from each place onc(e we return from New York. I'm also hoping to go to another one for lunch Wednesday (John's) and maybe Saturday night dinner (maybe Una Pizza Natoletana). Pizza, pizza, pizza!

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