Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Portable Pizza Oven

Pizza Ovens on Wheels: The Traveling Wood-Burning Pizza Ovens of Veraci Pizza | Slice Pizza Blog

I'd love to investigate doing something like as a business some day. Might be a good way of bootstrapping your way into a full blown pizzeria restaurant?'

Check out the link for pictures and information about the people who have the portable ovens in Seattle (Veraci Pizza). They go to farmers markets and cook up pizzas with fresh ingredients from there. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

hi it looks like you build some great ovens im impressed. i was just curious to know why the foundation of your first oven was so deep? does it have to be so deep? keep up the good work, simon

Mark Graban said...

Foundation was so deep because of shifty Texas clay soil. Swimming pool walls have to be very thick here too, same reason.

Anonymous said...

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