Monday, June 22, 2009

A Portable Oven in Ohio

Grilling pizza or having it baked for you in a portable oven are new ways to enjoy a favorite food -

Nice article from the Cleveland paper...

Paluckas, a baker by trade, makes his version in a wood-fired oven he built himself and rolls to parties around town. Terry Frick, the pizza bagel lady at the West Side Market, sells a portable kit with a precooked crust that can go home, to a party or to a grill at a public park. Hudson cooking instructor Catherine St. John teaches her students how to avoid a hot summer kitchen and slap raw dough on the grill in the back yard.

The results can be very, very good.

The article gives some details about his dough making and how he partnered with someone to make this into a real business. There are also some tips on grilling pizza for those without a wood burning oven.


Jason said...

Hey you need to do a write up on our new oven. We just finished it up and have over a 1000 pizzas in it. Check us out at

Somerset Industries said...

That is a great looking portable pizza oven. Perfect for a cookout with the family!

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