Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mobile Firetruck Pizza Oven in CT

Southington Pizzeria Gets A Mobile Edge In A Firetruck --

This is awesome! Renovated fire truck pizza ovens in CT.

The owner has two of them. Each truck cost $60,000 to purchase and modify.

The truck rents for $1,250 for a party of 50 people.

I'd be curious to run the numbers and see how long it takes to break even on that truck, including the food materials cost and his time.

Very cool concept, though.


ronald said...

he has 5 trucks now and is closing his restaurant to focus on the trucks! sad, it was one of my favorite pizzerias.

Mark Graban said...

Sorry you are losing your favorite pizzeria. It sounds like his trucks are a better business for him... restaurants have a lot of fixed overhead (rent and landlords) that trucks do not, I guess.

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