Friday, November 27, 2009

Tonight's Non-Pizza : Carrots and Risotto

Brick Oven Baked Risotto with Asparagus and Swiss Chard

I plan on making pizza Sunday, but tonight was another experiment in non-pizza cooking.

I built a fire with six logs and let it burn about 90 minutes. All of the initial soot burned off and the dome and floor were each about 750 to 800F. I let the embers burn down a bit to bring the temperature down and I cooked:

1) Honey-butter glazed carrots (with fresh sage added after the oven) -- took about 30 minutes

2) Risotto -- the recipe that I linked to at the top of the article (and here). This cooked covered for 30 minutes and then I let it go uncovered about 10 minutes to brown the parmesan that I added after the first 30 minutes.

Both turned out great. Definitely worth the trouble (not much trouble at all, really) of firing up the oven.

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