Saturday, July 17, 2010

Featured in SmartMoney Magazine

Thanks to this blog, I was called by a reporter from SmartMoney magazine back in May to talk about my backyard wood-burning pizza oven.

The article appears in the August issue: "Beefing Up Your BBQ" (it's an article about backyard kitchen options that go beyond the usual grilling).

The piece begins:
It’s never hard for neighbors to know when Mark Graban is hanging out on his patio—not with that telltale aromatic smoke rising over the fence. Indeed, most weekends, the 36-year-old health care consultant from Keller, Texas, and his wife are out puttering for hours in their outdoor kitchen, as they experiment with some favorite spicy Southwestern recipes. But they’re not always grilling up chipotle chicken or mesquite-smoked steaks. The pride and joy of their outdoor cooking efforts? Wood-fired pizza.
Puttering? Ha, I guess so.

The article doesn't go into great detail but ovens, but it's nice to have the idea mentioned in a general publication.

Here is a recent picture of my oven (no pictures appeared in the magazine):

And a recent pizza:

From Oven July 5

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