Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I've Had to Move and Leave my Oven Behind

After more than five years of wood-oven pizza making in our backyard - and 50,000 blog visitors - it was with mixed emotions that my wife and I moved to a new opportunity in San Antonio.

Since our beautiful oven was encased in stone... anchored to a six-foot deep foundation... it's certainly not something portable that we could take with us.

Luckily, we have an outstanding VPN-certified pizzeria, Dough, near us in San Antonio. We are becoming regular customers there.

Part of the reason we built an oven was that the wood-oven pizza trend had not yet come to the Dallas / Fort Worth area (or at least not close enough to our old home). After getting hooked on the world-famous Pizzeria Bianco before moving from Phoenix, we felt like we built the oven out of necessity. In the past seven years, a lot of amazing "real" pizzerias have opened in the DFW metroplex, including:

We hope that trend continues.

Living now in a condo in San Antonio, we don't really have the option of building a new oven... but someday, I'm sure we will again.

Some pictures from the last pizza party:

I'll miss our pizza oven... it brought us a lot of joy - and a lot of pizza!


Scot Cosentino said...

Wow that pizza looks delicious! Have you ever used revolving pizza ovens? What are your thoughts on revolving ovens?

Mark Graban said...

No, I've never used a revolving oven. I turn the pizzas instead :-)

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