Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Oven Installation - Placed on the Base

Delivery of the Forno Bravo Vesuvio oven was scheduled for Tuesday, May 10. Forno Bravo had quoted 21 days to build the oven and up to a week for shipping and everything was on schedule.

I had my contractor lined up with a forklift rental... unfortunately I had to be out of town that day because of my grandfather's funeral in Ohio. It would have probably been too difficult to push this back, given the freight company not wanting to hold the oven long probably... so my in-laws were here to help supervise the process.

It was quite a process... it's quite an oven. A few tiles were chipped during the installation process (and a bit of grout, as well). 

But, Forno Bravo sent some extra tiles and my contractor's going to patch things up when he comes back to build the island that is going to come out to the right of the oven, as part of the bigger project.

This is one of the conceptual drawings, below. I'll have work space and more wood storage and there will be a dine-in counter on the other side. We're just going to have a table instead of a fire pit though. The pizza oven is our fire feature!

More pictures to come from the first two times we fired it up over the weekend!


GrappaGene said...

Hi Mark, you did a very nice job with your pizza oven and base. Could you help me understand how you got the oven off the pallet and onto the base with the fork truck? Looks like that might be the hardest part.

Mark Graban said...

Gene -

I actually wasn't there that day when it was installed... my in-laws were there to help oversee the contractor.

They did a great job, thanks to some advice from Forno Bravo.

They put down a few bags of ice and then set the oven on tops of those bags of ice. That allowed them to get the forks out.

They had to wait for the ice to melt to lower the oven. They guided it into place and it's perfectly centered.

My in-laws say it's probably good I was out of town that day (due to a family funeral) because the stress might have led to my own funeral. They said it was a bit scary, but the pros got it done!


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