Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pizza Oven, Phase 2

I'm very excited that the backyard pizza oven project... the full design... is almost complete.

In my last post, I wrote about the oven and its base being completed.

It took longer than I liked because my outdoor kitchen contractor was really behind on his projects due to the rainy spring that we had in the DFW area... but the island / counter and extended patio are now complete.

Here's how it looks (click any photo for a larger view).

Here are some of the design concepts from the landscape / kitchen designer:

You can see I had the oven entrance put at a 45 degree angle (135 degrees to the counter, actually), where it was at a right angle in the design concept.

We said no to the fire pit and will be putting the table on that patio flagstone extension.

Here are more photos of the oven, counter, and space.

The front service is a workspace or a place to put food and drinks for guests. The upper / back counter is bar stool height for eating or hanging out.

We decided to put an umbrella stand into the counter top.

This flagstone was a bit wet when this next photo was taken. This gives us room for a 4-seat round table.

Here I am with the oven (the top counter wasn't on yet) and two pizzas:

More posts and photos to come...

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