Thursday, July 24, 2008

Competition from a Gas Oven?

The Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Here's an interesting concept... a $4,000 tabletop gas-powered outdoor pizza oven. It has a stone floor and the maker claims it heats up quickly. My wood-burning oven takes about 2 hours to get to a full 800-900F. But still, pizza is hardly a "spontaneous" event if you're making your own dough, like I do (something I have to do the day before).

The webpage talks about a wood tray that somehow imparts more "wood flavor" than a wood-burning oven. I don't know if "flavor" comes from my wood burning oven. At pizza-making temperatures, there's no smoke -- just flame and heat. It's smoke that would impart flavor, right? Isn't that why you add smoking wood chips to a barbeque?

Has anyone seen one of these in action?

I still like the romance of my wood burning flame... my oven was more expensive than this, but I don't regret the purchase for a minute.


Anonymous said...

I cook on one of these, and it is very convenient to use - ready to go in about 30 minutes. Since I buy pizza dough at Whole Foods most of the time rather than make it from scratch, we can decide it is pizza night any time we are buying groceries.

The user manual encourages you to use wet hardwood sawdust in the smoke drawer rather than wood chips. The sawdust does smoke at even the higher temperatures.

Mark Graban said...

Cool, that's great that you can buy good pre-made dough where you are. I don't have luxury.

Dzembu Gaijin said...

Hi Mark !

Just added your web site link to my blog! I am very slow :-) It is summer time and I spend more time now throwing pizza parties than blogging :-)

Best Regards,

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