Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'd Never Give Up Control of MY Oven!

Pizza and a movie, all grown up - Los Angeles Times (pictures)

Article -- Everybody loves Phil Rosenthal's movie night

This is quite the gourmet, high-end Hollywood backyard in this article, the pizza oven owned by the creator of the show "Everyone Loves Raymond."

From the article:
IT'S THE hottest day of the year -- 91 degrees -- and Phil Rosenthal is stacking almond wood kindling in the pizza oven of his Hancock Park home. In little more than an hour, a cook from Pizzeria Mozza will arrive, as he does most Sunday nights, and begin kneading dough and sprinkling cheese for the 25 to 30 guests who come for movie night.
A man I can admire -- I fired up my oven last Saturday on a 98 degree afternoon! It's never too hot for pizza. So he kneads dough... but hiring a chef? Even one from the famous Pizzeria Mozza? OK, so he does tend to his own oven... but still, part of what I enjoy the most is making my own pizzas. I'd never want to outsource that... well, unless Chris Bianco was visiting.

Check out the article for descriptions of many fancy, gourmet pizza toppings. And, it is L.A. after all, so the article is just as much about the Hollywood folks who were eating the pizza as there was about the pizza itself.

Be sure to also check out the pictures link!!

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