Friday, September 26, 2008

A Small Wood Oven for $2k

Primavera60 Assembled 24" Wood Pizza Oven :: Residential Pizza Ovens :: Forno Bravo Store

10 Reasons to Buy a Primavera Beehive Oven

Forno Bravo is the company in California that I bought my wood-burning oven from (a 39" Artigiano oven).

They are now offering a nice-looking, smaller, inexpensive (relatively) wood-burning model that might be a good alternative for folks.

This oven is complete and ready to use for just under $2,000. With my oven, I had to pay for contractors to pour a foundation, build a hearth, and other stonework -- well over the cost of the oven itself.

Now you couldn't do a huge party with this oven (one pizza at a time), but for a family or small gathering, this might be worth looking into.

Plus, the people at Forno Bravo are outstanding and they make customer service a real priority.

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Anonymous said...

How about building one yourself or hiring a bricklayer to build one for you. Theres enough info on the net to construct on quite easily. $2000 is a lot of money for an oven (a small one at that) and you still have to construct a base for it. Check out
you may get some other ideas about how to make one. Theres about 1000 images of pizza ovens on it.

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