Friday, October 10, 2008

City Tries to Ban Outdoor Wood Ovens?

Outdoor cooking a smoldering issue - The Connecticut Post Online

I wonder if this is an issue anywhere else in the country. In many states, fires used for cooking are exempt from bans or regulation. Some people in a Connecticut town are bothered by a neighbor's oven:

Several residents complained to the Board of Aldermen earlier this week that the smoky fires are aggravating asthma and other breathing problems and that the odor is keeping neighbors indoors.

A brick, wood-fired pizza oven with a 6-foot-tall stack in a Hawley Avenue backyard is a nuisance for residents of a four-unit apartment house next door. "He has to burn wood in it for three hours just to get it hot enough,'' one of the residents said. "The smell when he's making pizza is great, but not all of the smoke and the burning wood that goes with it.''

I'm surprised to hear about the smoke issue. I know my oven smokes a bit at first, but when it's burning hot, there's virtually no smoke. Have any of you with a wood oven had neighbors complain?

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