Thursday, May 19, 2016

Firing Up the Oven! First Pizzas!

Last Friday, I had the chance to fire up the oven for the first time.

Forno Bravo cured the oven before they shipped it (a new service that they have started offering). So, I took their word that I didn't have to go through the usual multi-step curing process of building incrementally larger fires to ramp it up.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

I did first burn just a little newspaper to get started.

I stacked wood and some paper bags to get the first fire going.

Here I am lighting it.

The first pizza:

I'm still relearning all of this. Instead of making my own dough, I bought dough balls at our local Central Market store. I'm not sure what type of flour it was or how long it had risen. The pizza turned out OK... I didn't have the oven quite hot enough and I'm still re-learning the ropes to get proper spotting on the pizza. But it was delicious!


mani said...

Love the details of the first re-firing. Was the pizza as good as in your last oven?

Mark Graban said...

The store made dough wasn't as good as mine :-)

Seriously, I don't think they let it rise as long (I normally do mine overnight).

I made my own sauce again... I think I'm back on the same track. We had people over for the 2nd firing and the pizza got rave reviews, even though I'm my own worst critic about the charring (and lack thereof) and how the pizzas look.

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